NANJING KOZO OPTICAl AND ELECTRONICAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD. is a professional optical company specialized in the field of microscopes! Kozo, based in Nanjing China, has integrated the global optical source, are capable of design, manufacture and sales of all series of optical microscope and image analysis system!

Since the founding, owning production bases in Nanjing, Kozo has successfully established the marketing center around the world!

During the recent years, Kozo with its domestic and foreign cooperation partner from Japan、Germany、India and Austria, has set up a research center in the area of optics、micro-image system、mechanism design and electronic computer application.

As the accumulation over the past decade, we have not only a group of experienced Design Manufacture Engineer, but also a young and creative sales team!

KOZO with the conception of innovation will be customer oriented service and pay more attention to the humanized design! With these principals we will keep on supplying high quality and customer satisfied products to strive for the first-class optical company!